UHPLC Sample Filter

  • Filter for all UHPLC Columns
  • No Backpressure Increase
  • Increase Lifetime of UHPLC Columns
  • Low volume in-line filter
  • Change over time is seconds not minutes

Fortis UHPLC filters are direct connect design, fitting inbetween the UHPLC colum and the conventional fitting to filter out particulate matter.

1.7um UHPLC part numbers

F18-020701 1.7um Fortis C18 150x2.1mm   
F18-020501  1.7um Fortis C18 100x2.1mm 
F18-020301 1.7um Fortis C18 50x2.1mm  
 F18-020201    1.7um Fortis C18 30x2.1mm 
F18-020101 1.7um Fortis C18 20x2.1mm 
 F18-030501   1.7um Fortis C18 100x3.0mm   
F18-0303011.7um Fortis C18 50x3.0mm 
 F18-030201 1.7um Fortis C18 30x3.0mm     
 F18-050301 1.7um Fortis C18 50x4.6mm   

FPH-020701 1.7um Fortis Diphenyl 150x2.1mm   
FPH-020501  1.7um Fortis Diphenyl 100x2.1mm 
FPH-020301 1.7um Fortis Diphenyl 50x2.1mm  
 FPH-020201    1.7um Fortis Diphenyl 30x2.1mm 
FPH-020101 1.7um Fortis Diphenyl 20x2.1mm 
 FPH-030501   1.7um Fortis Diphenyl 100x3.0mm   
FPH-0303011.7um Fortis Diphenyl 50x3.0mm 
 FPH-030201 1.7um Fortis Diphenyl 30x3.0mm     
 FPH-050301 1.7um Fortis Diphenyl 50x4.6mm   

FCN-020701 1.7um Fortis Cyano 150x2.1mm   
FCN-020501  1.7um Fortis Cyano 100x2.1mm 
FCN-020301 1.7um Fortis Cyano 50x2.1mm  
 FCN-020201    1.7um Fortis Cyano 30x2.1mm 
FCN-020101 1.7um Fortis Cyano 20x2.1mm 
 FCN-030501   1.7um Fortis Cyano 100x3.0mm   
FCN-0303011.7um Fortis Cyano 50x3.0mm 
 FCN-030201 1.7um Fortis Cyano 30x3.0mm     
 FCN-050301 1.7um Fortis Cyano 50x4.6mm   

FHI-020701 1.7um Fortis HILIC 150x2.1mm   
FHI-020501  1.7um Fortis HILIC 100x2.1mm 
FHI-020301 1.7um Fortis HILIC 50x2.1mm  
FHI-020201    1.7um Fortis HILIC 30x2.1mm 
FHI-020101 1.7um Fortis HILIC 20x2.1mm 
 FHI-030501   1.7um Fortis HILIC 100x3.0mm   
FHI-0303011.7um Fortis HILIC 50x3.0mm 
 FHI-030201 1.7um Fortis HILIC 30x3.0mm     
 FHI-050301 1.7um Fortis HILIC 50x4.6mm   

FHO-020701 1.7um Fortis H2o 150x2.1mm   
FHO-020501  1.7um Fortis H2o 100x2.1mm 
FHO-020301 1.7um Fortis H2o 50x2.1mm  
FHO-020201    1.7um Fortis H2o 30x2.1mm 
FHO-020101 1.7um Fortis H2o 20x2.1mm 
 FHO-030501   1.7um Fortis H2o 100x3.0mm   
FHO-0303011.7um Fortis H2o 50x3.0mm 
 FHO-030201 1.7um Fortis H2o 30x3.0mm     
 FHO-050301 1.7um Fortis H2o 50x4.6mm   

F08-020701 1.7um Fortis C8150x2.1mm   
F08-020501  1.7um Fortis C8 100x2.1mm 
F08-020301 1.7um Fortis C8 50x2.1mm  
F08-020201    1.7um Fortis C8 30x2.1mm 
F08-020101 1.7um Fortis C8 20x2.1mm 
 F08-030501   1.7um Fortis C8 100x3.0mm   
F08-0303011.7um Fortis C8 50x3.0mm 
 F08-030201 1.7um Fortis C8 30x3.0mm     
 F08-050301 1.7um Fortis C8 50x4.6mm   

FNH-020701 1.7um Fortis Amino 150x2.1mm   
FNH-020501  1.7um Fortis Amino 100x2.1mm 
FNH-020301 1.7um Fortis Amino 50x2.1mm  
FNH-020201    1.7um Fortis Amino 30x2.1mm 
FNH-020101 1.7um Fortis Amino 20x2.1mm 
 FNH-030501   1.7um Fortis Amino 100x3.0mm   
FNH-0303011.7um Fortis Amino 50x3.0mm 
 FNH-030201 1.7um Fortis Amino 30x3.0mm     
 FNH-050301 1.7um Fortis Amino 50x4.6mm   

FDI-020701 1.7um Fortis HILIC DIOL150x2.1mm   
FDI-020501  1.7um Fortis HILIC DIOL100x2.1mm 
FDI-020301 1.7um Fortis HILIC DIOL50x2.1mm  
FDI-020201    1.7um Fortis HILIC DIOL30x2.1mm 
FDI-020101 1.7um Fortis HILIC DIOL20x2.1mm 
 FDI-030501   1.7um Fortis HILIC DIOL100x3.0mm   
FDI-0303011.7um Fortis HILIC DIOL50x3.0mm 
 FDI-030201 1.7um Fortis HILIC DIOL30x3.0mm     
 FDI-050301 1.7um Fortis HILIC DIOL50x4.6mm